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Important Information from Parkland Posse Coaches Meeting

Apr. 05 - 2018


Hello everyone,

Here are a few updates from the coaches meeting I attended on Wed night.

Parkland Posse Shorts - not required for the Tyke level but the association has requested all kids be in black shorts.  If your son does not have black shorts there are some available for purchase on the Parkland Posse website under the apparel tab.

Mouthguard - All kids must have a mouthguard or will not be allowed to play.  No exceptions.

Stick Length - association emphasized how critical it is that your child has a stick that is the appropriate length.  Please see the Parkland Posse website.  Under the information tab there is a tab for equipment that shows you how to measure your child.

Goalie - please discuss with your child if he is interested in playing in net.  I will have a sign up sheet for those interested at the Apr 12 practice.

Volunteer Commitments - the Parkland Posse tournament will be held May 25-27.  There will be many shifts available to help you fulfill your commitment of one volunteer shift per child.  Note Tyke does not play in this tournament.

Spectator Liaison - initiated in response to concerns about referee abuse and concerns with the spectators in the stands.  Required for every game.  If someone is willing to volunteer please let me know otherwise I will create a schedule for parents to take a turn when the game schedule is out.  Responsibilities for this position are:

  1. Wear an arm band to identify yourself as the spectator liaison.
  2. Identify yourself to the officials as well as to the opposing team spectator liaison.
  3. Make sure you are in the stands where the majority of your team’s spectators are situated.
  4. Be available to go to the penalty box area if called upon by the referees
  5. Try to diffuse potential problems before they arise by either being visible or calmly speaking with the individuals involved.
  6. Assist the referees and or coaches to deal with any issues with your team spectators.  Should a situation accelerate remove yourself from it ad call the police to the arena.
  7. Ensure any spectators name is recorded on the game sheet if they have been ejected from the arena by the referees.

Fundraising commitments for the Parkland Posse Association this year:

  1. All players will need to sell $35 in raffle tickets.  They want this money up front so I will need everyone to bring the money to the Apr 12 practice please.  
  1. Bottle drive - date has not yet been established. 
  1. Tournament Contribution - $250 contribution per team.  If the donation is not cash (ie. donated item) it must be pre-approved by the tournament committee.  Please let me know if anyone has access to a donation otherwise we will split the cost up amongst the team.



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