Box Lacrosse Equipment

Technical Bulletin - Facemasks


The Juke Box 500 Carbon Fibre Composite Shaft is now approved by CLA.

 Technical Bulletin 17-02 Sure Shots Lacrosse Wooden Shafts Approval.pdf

LINK - Approved Facemasks for Lacrosse

According to this LINK the Under Armour Pro Box Lacrosse Cage Mask is not CSA-approved and therefore is not legal for use per CLA policy.

LINK - Helmet & Facemask information

LINK - Facemask installation instructions


Proper Stick Lengths


There have been several questions about what the correct stick length should be for younger players, and for good reason, as it is one of the most important aspects of ball control and shooting ability.  The best way to measure your child is to have them place their elbow at the butt end of the stick and grab hold of it.  Their hand should now be holding the stick approximately half between the butt-end and the bottom of the head.  Getting the correct length stick in your child's hands will improve their learning curve and enjoyment of the game.


Pee Wee & below          34" to 40"

Bantam & above              40" to 46"


These ranges speak to a measurement taken from the top of the head to the butt end.  Be sure to remove the rubber butt-end cover, measure twice and cut once (a hacksaw will do the job fine).  Sand or file to eliminate any burrs left from cutting, put the butt-end cover back on and tape it to the stick with athletic tape wrapped around the shaft several times.

Lacrosse Equipment - Email your questions to Corey our equipment manager.

Every year parents ask what are the standards for equipment and can a player use their existing hockey gear at all?  The short answer is yes.  There is some lacrosse specific gear required for protection i.e. kidney pads, slash guards and others that make the sport easier and more enjoyable for the player i.e. lacrosse gloves, lacrosse facemask.

LINK - Minimum Equipment Standards


Goalie Equipment is provided by our association up to the age of Peewee.  Once a player enters Bantam the player must purchase their own equipment as sizing of equipment at this age should be individualized to the player for proper protection.





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