West Zone 'A' Teams - Information

Westlock Rock West Edmonton Blues


Zone Teams Announced:

The West zone wishes to congratulate the following players in being named to our West Regional 'A' Teams.  At the same time we would also like to thank everyone who expressed interest in coaching these teams.  We are confident that the rosters below will continue the legacy that the West Zone has built over the last couple seasons.

Peewee A

Head Coach:  Jamey Bowen

Jacob MacGillivrey G
Owen Hamel G
Brody Pederson L
Carter Dicken L
Kareem Jomha L
Lucas Knorr L
Luke Wright L
Reece Sweeney L
Tejas Naidoo L
Ben Bowen R
Coleman Undershute R
Holden Schmidt R
Jenna Snyder R
Kale Kilkenny R
Lucas Bowie R
Oscar Twells R
Tyler Shelton R
Zac Larmour R


Bantam A

Head Coach:  Chris Stachniak

Tyson Schmidt G
Calix Simonson L
Chase Murray L
Cohen Sutherland L
Cole Stachniak L
Dane Menon L
Eric Long L
Jonah Borynec L
Josh Hogman L
Owen Undershute L
Brodie Stachniak R
Cael Harris R
David Shepel R
Liam Elliott R
Tucker Nollski R
Tyson Dziwneka R


Midget A

Head Coach:  Terry Royer

Gavin Ferguson G
Ashton McBride L
Ben Royer L
Brett Hyland L
Jarret Rogalsky L
Lochlan Gordon L
Mark Hanson-Torwalt L
Riley Longmuir L
Zach Basisty L
Fraser Berrett R
Graham Dicken R
Hudson Chivers R
Jack Royer R
Kristian Gibson R
Luke Bowen R
Sebastian Simonson R
Matthew McFadden R
Wesley Foster R




Zone Boundaries:

The West zone is comprised of the Westlock Rock, West Edmonton Blues and the Parkland Posse.  They will compete in an ‘A’ division that includes teams from North, South, East Edmonton and Saskatchewan.


To provide the most skilled players in our zone the opportunity to compete at the highest level of play available in the divisions of Peewee, Bantam and Midget.  A complementary result of this program also positively impacts the B/C divisions by pushing stronger talent onto these teams making for more skilled and competitive teams at the club level.

Program Guidelines:

The current agreement between all three clubs is as follows:

  • Practices and Home games will be scheduled equally between the communities of Parkland County and West Edmonton. Westlock will also host some practices and a regular season game.  This will be scheduled regardless of how many players from one organization make the roster.
  • Coaching Selection will be done via applications and an interview process with a panel of board members from each of the three clubs. If a parent coach is named, they will be expected to recuse themselves from any discussion of their own child’s evaluation or team placement.
  • Pending ALA approval, the teams will wear a unique jersey/short that incorporates all three club colours. However, the team must continue to be registered with the ALA under the host club’s name.  In the event that ‘A’ team jerseys are not financially viable or deemed unapproved by the ALA, the team will wear the jerseys of the host club.
  • Hosting the team is purely an administrative act and currently resides with the Parkland Posse. We believe by embracing the ‘Zone concept’ and splitting all floor time across the zone, that “hosting” will become a less important factor moving forward.
  • Evaluations will be conducted with Board members from each club at the venue for oversight and unbiased, impartial evaluators will be hired to conduct the skill assessments.
  • Proposed rosters will be presented to the panel of all three clubs for review/approval before final cuts are made and rosters announced.

What your child should expect:

  • Exposure to some of the best lacrosse coaches in the GELC.
  • An expectation to attend all practices and games with a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.
  • An expectation to be a team player. This is a zone team, regardless of the jersey on their back, players will be expected to make friends and to include everyone in team activities.  Club allegiances shall be dropped once making this roster.
  • Have fun!

What the parent(s) should expect:

  • To see their child challenged against the most skilled players in the GELC.
  • A significant seed cheque to cover costs of jerseys, additional tournaments etc.
  • Additional travel; you will be practicing outside of your usual club facilities. You will be expected to participate in the ALA showcases (new program in 2019, beginning with Midget).
  • A one-time $25 tryout fee payable before your child’s first evaluation. Monies collected will cover the costs of floor time, evaluators and any leftover will be given to the teams once formed to offset the need to collect seed money from the parents.
  • To be part of ‘Zone Team’, where club allegiances are dropped, and the parent group comes together to support their children playing with former rivals working towards a common goal.
  • Have fun and enjoy watching your kids play.


  • Volunteer commitments remain due with your home association. There will be no additional volunteerism required to the Zone team, other than what is required to operate the team i.e. Team Manager, Time Clock duties etc.
  • Grievances with a Zone team need to be made in writing to all three Club President’s. A resolution will be agreed to and communicated by the host club’s President. 


We thank you in advance for your support of our Zone and the players that wish to compete at this level.  Should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact your Club President.


Yours in lacrosse,


Shannon Vanderhorst - Blues President - president@bluseslacrosse.ca

Mike Sim - Posse President - president@parklandposse.com

Rory McCormick - Rock President - wlapresident@gmail.com


Peewee A - $25 Tryout Fee - Online option available (must present receipt at sign-in)

Day Date Start End Location Details
Wednesday 06-Mar 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Tryout
Thursday 07-Mar 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage
Saturday 09-Mar 12:00 PM 1:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage
Sunday 10-Mar 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage - Final Cut

 Bantam A - $25 Tryout Fee - Online option available (must present receipt at sign-in)

Day Date Start End Location Details
Wednesday 06-Mar 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Tryout
Thursday 07-Mar 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage
Saturday 09-Mar 1:00 PM 2:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage
Sunday 10-Mar 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Tri-Leisure Center North Field Scrimmage - Final Cut

Midget A - $25 Tryout FeeOnline option available (must present receipt at sign-in)

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